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Colourful Paper Cots


Modern pop-up cots, plug-in cots, scenery cots, card cots and other paper cots take you into the world of these printed Christmas motifs. Originally invented as a cheap alternative to carved cots and inspired by the paper theatre, families from the 17th century onwards jointly made small-format cots out of paper, which are hardly preserved today. Even the composer of "Silent Night! Holy Night!" Franz Xaver Gruber created paper theatre with his children to play with and the Gruberkrippe, a Christmas cot of which only a photograph remains.

The exhibition shows modern reprints of historical paper cots. Or modern printed paper cots that reproduce famous Christmas artworks or historical cots from churches or museums. Also newly designed modern paper cots from the Czech Republic or Hallein are on display.

The collector and lender Josef Grabner appreciates the paper cots because of the variety of motifs, the small size and the space-saving storage.

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