Keltenmuseum Hallein
Pflegerplatz 5
5400 Hallein

Dürrnberg Research Department 

Dr. Holger Wendling M.A.
T +43 6245 80783-16

Scientific Board

The tasks of the Scientific Board basically include advising the Board of Trustees in the fulfilment of the scientific mission of the Museum of the Celts Hallein regarding the Dürrnberg Research Department. It was established to provide assistance to the scientific staff in their performance. 

Scientific director of the Dürrnberg Research Department 

Dr. Holger Wendling M.A.                     

Management Dürrnberg Research Department & Archaeology
Museum of the Celts Hallein   


 Dr. Ines Balzer M.A.

German Institute of Archaeology

Department Rome

PD Dr. Holger Baitinger

Römisch Germanisches


Dr. Peter Höglinger

Federal Monuments Office

Salzburg Conservatory Department

Dr. Walter Irlinger

Bavarian Office for Preservation of Historical Monuments 

Mag. Dr. Raimund Kastler, MAS

Salzburg Museum GmbH

State Archaeology

Dr. Johann Reschreiter

Museum of Natural History Vienna

Prehistory Department 

Prof. Dr .Thomas Stöllner

German Mining Museum 

Ruhr University Bochum

Univ.-Prof. Mag. Dr. Peter Trebsche

University of Innsbruck

Prehistory & Historic Archaeology 

Extraordinary members

Dir. Hon.-Prof. Dr. Martin Hochleitner

Director Salzburg Museum GmbH            

Mag. Florian Knopp

Museum Director

Museum of the Celts Hallein 

Rosa Bock

City Councilor for Culture

Municipality City of  Hallein


Keltenmuseum Hallein